Tips for cheap garland

December 4, 2014

I’m going to try and write this post quickly. My two year old is currently chasing the dog around and who knows what’s going to happen! I love to bring you ideas that are affordable. I follow several other bloggers who do beautiful work. However, a lot of their ideas are more on the expensive side. I like to find ways to duplicate some of those ideas with a lower price tag so that anyone can do them. I love garland at Christmas time, the fuller the better! Yes you can purchase some great garlands at home decor stores. It’s not going to be cheap though. Here’s how I’ve turned cheap, thin garland into full, beautiful garland!

First I start with just a cheap strand of garland. You can currently purchase an 8ft. piece at Wal-Mart for under $3! Next buy your lights if you don’t have them already. I bought a 100 light strand of white lights for under $3. Next scavenge your yard or your neighbors yard, with their permission or course!


I cut a few pieces of cypress off in the backyard. I already had some berry twigs. You can purchase these at most craft stores. I got theย  Frasier Fir cuttings out of the free bin when we bought our Christmas tree. Now just put the lights on your garland and start sticking everything in place. I placed everything randomly. (Pine cones are always a nice touch as well!)




Just keep placing until it’s full. The fuller the better! Any cheapo garland or artificial tree can be improved with just a little fresh greenery!


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