Foil Easter Eggs

March 31, 2015

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Now that my son is getting a little more patient and curious, I’ve been trying to do new things with him. With Easter this weekend I decided to do a fun egg craft with him. I’m actually sad to say that this was my first time dying eggs as well.

We bought an egg dying kit from Target for $2. I was planing on taking a trip to a craft store to pick up some good leafing and glue,Ā  but the kit included your glue and foil squares as well. I wasn’t sure how well they’d turn out, but there’s nothing like cheap entertainment for a toddler!



You dye the eggs and let them dry.


Charlie had a blast. He wanted to do everything himself. I talked him into letting me help him.


Once they’re completely dried, use two dots of the glue that is included. Spread the glue with your finger all over the egg. Make sure to let them sit for a minute or two. The glue will become sticky, then you can press the foil on.


Press the foil with your fingers and then peel it off. It should leave pieces of the foil on the egg. Do this until the whole egg is covered.

That’s it! They’re ready to be hunted or you can just sit back and enjoy their cuteness!






This was such an easy project! Sometimes it’s not the simplicity of the craft but just having fun and being creative with our kids. It was something new for Charlie to experience. I’m so glad we took the hour do it!

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