DIY Fall Subway Print

August 11, 2014


Fall is on its way folks. Here is a quick project anyone can do to decorate for the season. Here’s what you need:

Freezer Paper


A Printer (A cheap printer actually works best for this.)

Foam Poster Board

Picture Frame

Thumb Tacks


First cut your burlap, foam poster board, and freezer paper to fit inside your picture frame. You want to remove the glass from your frame. Iron the burlap with the steam on to get any wrinkles or creases out.


Next, turn the steam OFF on your iron and place the freezer paper over the burlap. Make sure the glossy side of the freezer paper is touching the burlap. Now iron the two together with the burlap face down. Go over the freezer paper slowly, making sure to iron the corners well.

Once you’re down the freezer paper should be stuck to the burlap. Make sure all the edges are stuck together. You do not want it to get jammed in your printer.


You can create your own design in Photoshop, Word, or Picasa. You can download mine if you don’t want to make your own. Just click and download.


I would recommend printing a test sheet on regular paper to make sure you’ve made the size you’re want. I printed mine to measure 5×7 inches. Next place your burlap sheet into the printer. Press down slightly on the burlap to make sure that the printer grabs a hold of it when it feeds it through.

Attach to the foam board with thumb tacks or adhesive, whichever you prefer. Place in your frame. There you have it!




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