Gold Polka Dot Pillow Cover

January 20, 2015


I’m back again today with another easy DIY pillow cover. I know, it’s just too much fun! Gold is huge this year and It seems like it’s everywhere. I have seen a lot of gold decor that I have absolutely loved! Pillow covers are so easy to make so instead of buying one I made one. I bought some gold metallic paint at Hobby Lobby. You should be able to get this at most craft stores. Make sure that your paint is made to work on fabric.


I also bought a plain canvas pillow cover from Hobby Lobby. I used a juice lid to trace on my polka dots. I also put paper inside the pillow cover to prevent paint from soaking onto the other side.


I then took a small brush and filled in my circles with paint. I spaced my polka dots about two inches from one another.


Do a second coat if needed and let dry over night before putting a pillow insert in. This was so easy and simple. It took about an hour or two and only cost me $5! This pillow would be really cute in so many other colors as well. Let me know what some of your favorite colors are this year. Have you been on a gold decor kick too? Have a great Tuesday and happy crafting!




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