Create A Quick S’more Bar & A Free Printable

June 27, 2015


I’m going to level with you all. I love s’mores! They’re easily one of my favorite things about bonfires, cookouts and camping. Years ago my husband and I had almost thirty trees removed from our back yard because we wanted a more open space. Needless to say, most of the tree debris was left for us to burn. We had a large bonfire every weekend for weeks it seemed. We’d have cookouts and camp fire parties. There was always marshmallows to roast and graham crackers and chocolate. Looking back, it was some of my best memories. Not so much the work of clearing the back yard, but the memories we made around the fire with friends.

S’mores are just a happy treat! They’re easy, cheap and just flat out yummy. Here is my idea of a s’mores bar on the fly.

IMG_3439I made the banner from two sheets of scrapbook card stock and twine.



IMG_3433For easy serving, prepackage all your s’mores ingredients in small goodie bags. It’s perfect for smaller children and parties! These bags were purchased in a pack of 8 for only $1.



These metal pails are perfect for all your s’more ingredients. You can find them at most crafts store for about $2 and under. I purchased mine from the Target dollar section. I also purchased these mini chalkboard clips, four for a $1 in the Target dollar section as well. These are great for labeling food at any party! My metal skewers were only 3 for $1.

IMG_3472I topped each bag off with a mini clothes pin and a fun printable on card stock that I printed from my computer at home. You can find mini clothes pins in most craft stores in the scrapbook section.





All the items purchased for this S’mores bar came in just under $10 not including the ingredients. Everything purchased can be reused for other things. The best news is you’ve got all summer and fall to make S’mores!

Click the link before for my free printable to label your s’mores goodie bags. 

Free S’more Printable

I hope you all have enjoyed this 4th of July series. I hope I’ve inspired you and passed on some easy and fun ideas. Never hesitate to ask me any questions that you have. I love hearing from you all and as always, thank you for your kind and encouraging e-mails. I never tire of talking with you guys. You keep me going!

I wish you all a lovely and restful weekend. Enjoy and party s’more!


Be sure to check out the how-to for the PB inspired outdoor buffet used for the s’mores bar!


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