Burlap Pumpkin How-To

October 14, 2014

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Here is a quick and easy how-to. This is a cheap pumpkin to make. I actually had everything I needed on hand. There is a lot you can do with it and it can be displayed inside or as a porch display. Here’s what you need:

1 yard of burlap


Plastic grocery bags

Dried beans or rocks (used as a weight)


Hot glue gun

Faux leaves, vines, etc.

Cut your burlap to measure a yard.


Fold it in half twice and use a sharpie to mark the center.


Open your burlap up again and lay it flat with the center mark facing up. Cut 4 pieces of twine at 48″ each. Cut a small circle out of burlap. Lay the twine across burlap like this.


Hot glue the burlap circle on top of the twine to hold it in place. Make sure the burlap circle is over your center mark.

Next stuff all your plastic bags into one bag, Stick your dried beans or rocks in the bottom of the bag as well. I used around 30 plastic bags. Tie a knot in your bag.


Take your bags and place them in the center of your burlap. Make sure the twine side of your burlap is facing down. Gather the burlap and strings of twine upward and tie off tight with a another piece of twine.


Now you want to pull each piece of twine upward to create the grooves in the pumpkin. Once you have it where you want it, tie it tight to the twine at the top.


Take your strands of twine and wrap it around the burlap to create a stem. Hot glue the twine in place. Trim the extra burlap at the top and add a bow and faux leaves for an embellishment. There you have it! Once I added up the cost for each item the pumpkin came in under $10!


Decorating doesn’t have to be pricey. Here are some other great pumpkin ideas that wont break the bank. Click on the photos below for instructions!

Happy fall everyone!


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