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Hi, I’m Amanda! I’m a Georgia native. I was born and raised just north of Atlanta. So you could say I’m a Georgia peach! I’ve always loved DIY projects & design. As a little girl I was constantly rearranging my room. I just loved to switch things up and create a fresh space. I’ve been married for 9 years. The first year of our marriage J and I purchased our first fixer upper. It was a 1800 sq. foreclosed ranch. We have had a blast slowly remodeling and designing the perfect home for our little family. We’re learned a lot along the way that we have loved sharing with others.


When I had our son Charlie I went from working a full-time job to a full-time stay-at-home mom. He has been such a joy to us for the last two years. If I’m really honest I would have to say it was still a bit of a shock for me. I knew it was where God had called me to be, but I still craved a creative outlet.


A DIY blog was the perfect fit. I jumped into the blogging world in May of 2014, knowing very little about the whole thing. It’s been an adventure so far. I’m still learning and growing.  I started the Tale of an Ugly House as a hobby but also to pass along fun ideas and inspiration. Over the last year we have also dived into the world of woodworking. It seemed like a natural next step to be able to create affordable furniture. It’s become a big and much loved hobby for J and I. You’ll find some of our favorite furniture plans that we’ve done so far on the blog. So many think you need a huge budget to design a space that you’ll love. This is just not the case. A big passion of mine is creating a beautiful, functional space even with the smallest of budgets. I’ve been a contributor for Simply Kierste. I’m currently a contributor for Reasons To Skip The House Work, Rooted Moms and DIY Lifestyle Magazine, as well as a photography contributor for Ankarsrum Original USA. My main goal for The Tale of an Ugly House is to inspire and encourage you to love the home you’re already in!


I’m always looking to connect with readers and find out more about who you are as well! Please hang around and let me know you’re here via comments (I read and respond to each and every one!) or follow along on social media!


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  • Reply Katie Jane March 28, 2017 at 11:30 am

    Found you through the spring tour via Emily at Our House Now a Home. Love your blog and farmhouse style! Looks like you and I started our blogs around the same time. Mine is only a hobby but I have loved connecting with fellow bloggers. Looking forward to following your projects!

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