A Farmhouse Bedside Table

April 2, 2015

All I can say about this project is wow, I’m glad it’s finally finished! It’s not because I didn’t enjoy it or because it was really difficult, it was just the opposite. It’s one of the more simple things J and I have built. If you follow us on Instagram you probably saw me post it a long while back. Sadly, it took us months to get some paint on it. It has been the forgotten project, tucked away in the basement. We’ve gone through a move and several holidays, but it’s done!

This is the state that it was in for months.





I decided on this really great color from Sherwin Williams called Serious Grey. It’s a neutral that looks great in a boys or girls room!





It’s such a great size for small bedrooms. I love the simplicity and clean lines. It has the perfect little drawer for Charlie to store all his favorite books and his beloved flash light of course!I didn’t realize it until I started taking photos, but I missed that little knot on the front of the drawer. A little wood filler will fix that right up. It’s amazing what you’ll miss when you’re painting in poor lighting! The paint color looks even better in person. I’m trying to summon the energy to repaint Charlies bed to match, ha!

Here are the plans to make your own.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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